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We need shutter bugs

In February we revamped the look of San Dimas Wine shop. New paint, refinished floors and some great new artwork. We love it. So far, the reviews have been positive. Either you like it too, or you are dangerously convincing when you try to spare our feelings. Either way, thanks.


There is an unintended consequence of the new look. When people find us online, they see a bunch of old photos. When they come in there is a bit of confusion. Confusion is great if you are reading a mystery novel, but when not when shopping for wine.


We need a bunch of new San Dimas Wine Shop photos uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and Google.  So, if you are a professional photographer, a photo taking enthusiast or just someone who can point your phone and press the circle button, we need you.  Next time you are in, channel your creative side, take some photos and post them online.


Thanks in advance,


The San Dimas Wine Shop Team


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